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Oct 22, 2009

Del Shannon- Runaway  (in stereo, a mix that is clean and rare) (1961)

Alison Moran
over nine years ago

I saw Del Shannon in one of his very last concert appearances at Taste of Chicago...I believe it was 1990 or 1991. Even though I was too young for the first go-round, I learned a lot by listening to oldies radio and became a huge fan. Plus, there was American Graffitti, which featured the song. At the concert, though, it was sad...the Pavilion was less than half-full. But he was exuberant, and gave those who enjoyed his music everything they came to hear. I hadn\'t seen him before, but was really happy I did see him when he was alive. Thanks, Bart!

Bart Shore
over nine years ago

Great story Alison, thanks for sharing that!- Bart