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Jul 16, 2009

Peppermint Rainbow, Will You Staying After Sunday  I must admit this song is not on my radar, never was, but I had a request for it, and when I can play your request and it fits the concept of what I am trying to do here, I am glad to play your requests.  Hope you like this one. Radio sure forgot about it!

Mama Cass
almost ten years ago

This unheard track sounds an awful lot like the M\'s & P\'s. Ripoff.

Kathy Cunningham
almost ten years ago

While \"this unheard track\" charted at #32 in April of 1969 it remains one of my personal favs and when played..the general reaction is \"Oh! Wow\"!
The songwriter Paul Leka was also responsible for Steam\'s timeless classic \"Na Na Na..Kiss Him Goodbye\" as well as Green Tambourine\" by The Lemon Pipers.
All of the above tracks were and are still today...heard by millions.