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Jul 22, 2009

Elvin Bishop-I Fooled Around and Fell In Love- This turns out to be a song that 24 years after it's release has a tragic story.

Scott Martin
over nine years ago

I was suprised to learn about Elvin\'s wife & daughter. T.G. Shepherd redid this song back in the 80s. He didn\'t change a thing except for he put a little country flair to it.

Will Veber
over nine years ago

Bart - Love the site. Weindruch turned me on to it. One thing I didn\\\'t know was that Elvin Bishop spent a number of years in SW Iowa before moving to Tulsa. I thought he was a Tulsa born and bred boy.

over nine years ago

Quite stunned to learn the story of Elvin\'s wife and daughter being murdered. Very sad indeed. If it were me picking the music for EB, I would have played \"Traveling Shoes\", which is the song that introduced me to Elvin Bishop back around 1973.