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Mar 4, 2009

Rare Rolling Stones tune, "Did Everyone Pay Their Dues?" from the Beggers Banquet sessions. You know this tune,  this is a rare gem. The lyrics have been changed to become the song you know and love. This could be when the Rolling Stones were at their very best!

over ten years ago

Nice alternate version find. Who sent this fabulous take?

Chris Blackwell
over ten years ago

Hey Bart hows things? I dunno if thats the sitar you mentioned or just Keith Richards doing his thing in the back during the chorus but they should have left that in Street Fighting Man!

Bart Shore
over ten years ago

That track is very busy, and just different enough...two former members of the group Traffic are on this cut. Shehani is performed on the track by Dave Mason. Rick Grech played a very prominent electric viola