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Feb 25, 2009

George Harrison would have been 66 years old today. Today's Time Warp is the demo of "It Don't Come Easy". George gave this song to his friend Ringo, after the Beatles split. Ringo is nowheer to be found on this track.

over fifteen years ago

Nice surprise! Marty and I are very big devotees of Harrison\'s music.

over fifteen years ago

Where did this come from? Who\'s playing drums?
Very cool. Happy B\'day George.

over fifteen years ago

Interesting to hear the hare krishna references in this version of the song.

I like Ringo\'s version better.

The music track sounds identical to Ringo\'s version. Different b/g singers?

Bart Shore
over fifteen years ago

Agreed, the music track is about the same...I think George, just gave the song to Ringo, to get him up and going after the Beatles split.

I think Jim Keltner is the drummer on this. Not 100% sure about that...but a good guess.