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Apr 29, 2009

Sammy Ambrose- This Diamond Ring. This blows me away, this how this song was supposed to sound, not what Gary Lewis did to it....

Sandy Dechert
over fifteen years ago

Bart, I originally thought Gary Lewis\'s version was just more of the same bubblegum. Sammy Ambrose really put some spin on it, esp. with the driving beat and merciless \"this diamond ring\" vocal replies to the instrumental questions, \"who wants to buy?\" Big voice, great backup, all Al Kooper could ask and then some!

over fifteen years ago

Always hated the G.Lewis version & G. Lewis. This is a version that should have been on the charts...

Bart Shore
over fifteen years ago

Gary Lewis was a fraud. It helped to be well connected in his case. I agree this version by Sammy Ambrose is very good. I am looking for the Al Kooper version if anyone has it....

Dean Martin
over fifteen years ago

This is so much better than the hit version. Too bad radio only let a certain number of black singers on the air back then.