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Time Warp Song of The Day, Sat 2-28-09 This is a song NEVER heard on the radio-The Orginal version of "Brother Louie"- Hot Chocolate
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Time Warp Radio Song of The Day, Friday 2-27-09 Jerry Jeff Walker- Mr Bojangles.  This is the orginal recording. I love this guy. I interviewed him in 1993 when I worked at The Interstate Radio Network. Jerry Jeff showed up at Midnight at the WGN Radio studios where we did the broadcast with a 12 pack of beer. He was a good interview!
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Time Warp Song of The Day- Thursday Feb 26, 2009  
Bo Diddley  who played his trademark rectangular guitar.. and had the Bo Diddley sound, and used his name in more songs than any other artist I can think of. Time to play a B side. Mona

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Time Warp Song of The Day Wed 2-25-09 George Harrison would have been 66 years old today. Today's Time Warp is the demo of "It Don't Come Easy". George gave this song to his friend Ringo, after the Beatles split. Ringo is nowheer to be found on this track.
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Time Warp Song of the Day Tuesday, 2-24-09 Not a big jump back in time, but a song that is worth hearing- Rosanne and Johnny Cash- September When it Comes
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Time Warp Song of the Day, Monday 2-23-09 Rare Track-  Here is the demo recording of "Time for Me To Fly" from Kevin Cronin. The song was redone by REO Speedwagon and became one of their biggest songs.
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Time Warp Song of The Day, Sunday Feb 22,2009 The Cars- this is their very first hit-Just What I needed, you are about to hear the demo recording, a little different than the hit you heard on the radio.
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Time Warp Song of The Day- Sat Feb 21 2009

This is the first and orginal recording of "I Love Rock and Roll" from the Arrows-  Click where it says, "pod" to hear the music(your comments and suggestions are always welcome)

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Black Friday (TWSOD) Friday Feb 20, 2009 Black Friday- Steely Dan
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Time Warp Song of The Day, Thursday Feb 19, 2009 Sgt Pepper- The Beatles- George Martin too.
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