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Time Warp Song of The Day, Friday April 30, 2010

Alfred E. Newman- It's a Gas  (1963)

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Time Warp Song of The Day, Thursday 4-29-10

Rolling Stones- Wild Horses (rare session track)

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Time Warp Radio  Wed  April 28,2010

Eric Clapton - Let it Rain (1970)

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Time Warp Song of The Day, Tuesday 4-27-10

The Byrds-It Won't Be Wrong

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Time Warp Radio Monday April 26,2010

Peter Wolf with Shelby Lynne- Tragedy  (New Music)

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Time Warp Song of The Day, Monday 4-26-10

J.Geils Band- One Last Kiss

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Sunday Time Warp Request  Show (10)

Sunday Request Show  (you can download the file and play it in your Mp3 Player of just listen on your computer) (show is 50 mins)

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Time Warp Radio Sat April 24,2010

Janis Joplin-Get It While You Can  live from The Dick Cavett Show  (scroll down to hear the orginal version from Howar Tate)

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Time Warp Radio Sat April 24,2010

Howard Tate- Get It While You Can   this song should not be missed. Janis Joplin would cover this on her album Pearl. You will also find another song Janis covered called "Cry Baby" so look for that too 3/22/09 in the Time Warp Radio Archives.  Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.

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Time Warp Song of The Day, Friday 4-23-10

T Rex- Telegram Sam

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