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Time Warp Song of The Day, Tues 3-31-09 This is one of my all time favorite songs and I have come across some new info about this song that blows me away, guest DJ is Jude King, so please check out Don Covay and Mercy Mercy-
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Time Warp Song of The Day-Mon 3-30-09 The Beatles and I'm So Tired- This is an outtake, so a little different than what was on the Double White LP from 1968
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Time Warp Song of The Day-Sunday March 29, 2009 Thomas Dolby- She Blinded Me With Science- biggie from 1982-
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Time Warp Song of The Day,Sat March 28, 2009 The Electric Flag- what a great band, only around for a couple of years, but were fantastic. "Killing Floor" from 1968
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Time Warp Song of The Day, Friday March 27, 2009  
Kim Weston- from 1965, and Take Me in Your Arms(Rock Me a Little While)

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Time Warp Song of The Day- Thur 3-26-09 The Jaynetts- Sally Go 'Round The Roses...take a listen to this one hit wonder.
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Time Warp Song of The Day-Tuesday March 24,2009 Gram Parsons and EmmyLou Harris. This could be the best song you will hear this week, not just here, but anywhere you go. "Love Hurts."
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Time Warp Song of The Day, Monday March 23, 2009 Before Bob Marley- the most well known Jamacian world wide was Desmond Deckker. Here is his biggest hit, with his group, The Aces.
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Time Warp Radio Song of The Day- Sunday 3-22-09

This is a record that should be remembered, I am sure you have heard the Janis Joplin version, but this is the orginal of "Cry Baby" from Garnett Mimms and the Enchanters.

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Time Warp Song of The Day- Sat 3-21-09 Donovan-The Hurdy Gurdy Man
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